Barack Obama pitches $2bn clean energy research fund

This was a refreshing bit of weekend news. It is rare to read something in the news that is refreshing so the weekend is going well for me.

On an unrelated note, why is it that EVERY TIME I go to post something on the Jackson Blog I am accosted by a picture of myself on our homepage…… James?

Emerson Elem. Fundraiser

Howdy Jackson Lab. So my lovely wife sent me to work with a fundraiser packet from Hannah and Gretchen’s school. In typical fashion, not wanting to impose, I have let it sit on my desk for a long time. Then today while cleaning I actually read the packet and think that the fundraiser is pretty cool and there is a lot of great local stuff to pick up through it. I thought I would send it out to the lab and see if anyone might be interested to pick some items up for themselves or as gifts for others. No pressure AT ALL, I hate doing stuff like this but figure it doesn’t hurt to try. Thanks Y’all!