Environmentalism after the End of Nature

Upcoming Event: Environmentalism Philosopher Steven Vogel Steven Vogel, chair of Denison University Philosophy Department, will give a public lecture on his new book Thinking Like a Mall: Environmentalism after the End of Nature.

Synopsis: Professor Vogel will discuss his argument that environmentalism should abandon the idea of “nature.” Arguing that focus on the idea of “nature” has become counter-productive, Vogel believes environmentalists should recognize that our environment is always a built environment. Instead of asking “How can we save nature?”, Vogel will suggest environmentalists should ask “what environment should we inhabit, and what practices should we engage in to help build it?”

When: December 10, 2015, 6:30pm

Where: U. W.-Madison, Law School Room 2260 Sponsored by the Wisconsin Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy.