Microbial ecology position – Hawaii

Date:    Thu, 11 Jul 2013 21:26:20 -0600
Subject: Postdoc in microbial/fungal ecology in Hawaii

    * Postdoc in microbial/fungal ecology in Hawaii
    * A postdoc position is available in the Amend Lab at the
Department of Botany at the University of Hawaii. The successful
applicant will join a growing and dynamic group of researchers
interested in microbial ecology and evolution within the unique
Hawaiian archipelago.
    * The postdoctoral associate will be responsible for carrying out
a study whose goal is to determine how the mycophagous diet of a
Federally endangered tree snail,Achatinella mustelina, covaries among
populations and host plant species. The snail is one of several
species within Achatinella comprising a spectacular adaptive
radiation endemic to the island of Oahu. Additional background
information is available on the Tree Snail Conservation Lab website:

    * Primary research objectives will be to analyze and synthesize
for publication, a large Illumina amplicon dataset of fungi and
bacteria from 150 host plant biofilm/snail feces pairs to infer diet
dynamics from throughout the snail’s natural and captive range. A
secondary objective will be to isolate and identify fungal species
from host trees to augment captive snail breeding programs.
    * The incumbent will work closely with fungal biologists,
malocologist and with civilian US Army biologists who maintain snail
conservation exclosures at field sites in the Waianae mountain range.
Although both data and samples are in hand, the incumbent will have
the opportunity to conduct additional fieldwork as needed.
    * The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for
participating in the training and oversight of graduate and
undergraduate students, publish manuscripts in a timely manner in
peer-reviewed academic journals and work to disseminate data to
conservation managers.
Please see the full job announcement for additional information and
application instructions:


Anthony Amend
Assistant Professor of Botany

University of Hawaii
Department of Botany, 101 St. John
3190 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822