Grassland ecology jobs at Oklahoma St.

Ph.D. student to study the role of soil microbial communities in=20
restoration of grassland ecosystem functions

Oklahoma State University=92s  Department of Natural Resource Ecology and=
Management has openings for 2 Ph.D. students to study restoration ecology=
plant community ecology, and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the Wilson=20=

and Hickman research programs. These positions will provide graduate=20
training and experiences through participation in a Department of Defense=
funded collaborative research project involving laboratories at Oklahoma=20=

and Indiana, with field sites in Illinois, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Our majo=
research objective is to evaluate the best way to restore native=20
ecosystems following non-native species invasion of grassland ecosystems=20=

by improving our understanding of soil ecosystems.  The ultimate goal is=20=

to improve our understanding of the ecological causes and consequences of=
invasion by non-native invasive plant species.=20=20

Research collaborators:=20=20
Gail Wilson, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater Oklahoma USA
Karen Hickman, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater Oklahoma USA
Jim Bever, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana USA
Peggy Schultz, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana USA

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Wilson PhD student research will focus on mycorrhizal and soil ecology,=20=

Hickman PhD research student will focus on plant community and restoratio=
This research will be conducted as a team approach with all collaborators=
from both universities.

=95=09Interest in restoration ecology and plant community or mycorrhizal=20=

=95=09Master=92s degree in a related field of study
=95=09Strong writing skills
=95=09English fluency=20

Application Deadline:=20

Selection of students to fill these positions will begin immediately and=20=

continue until successful candidates have been identified.

For Mycorrhizal Ecology position:=20=20
Send CV and letter of interest to Gail Wilson before June 15, 2013
Tel: 405-744-5539

For Plant Community Ecology position:
Send CV and letter of interest to Karen Hickman before June 15, 2013
Tel: 405-744-9579

008C Ag Hall
Natural Resource Ecology & Management
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK  74078   USA